Monday, February 9, 2009

He's 2 !!!!!

So here is the Word World cake. Tyson's favorite episode of Word World is Frogs rocket so here is it on his cake. If you can't tell it says ROCKET. Everything in Word World is made up of the letters that spell that word.

For fun I had a "dress-up" and face painting for the kids. They could pick from several Word World characters. As you can see Tyson's is Sheep with a birthday hat and Brian is Dog.
Here the kids are making animal cupcakes.

Grandma Hackett and Papa sent the birthday boy some balloons with a little monkey and suckers. He was so excited! When the delivery man came he shouted, " BALLOONS!!!!". Thanks Grandma and Papa!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Tyson!

Tabatha said...

I can't believe it!! That is so crazy. It looks like you all are doing well, and the kids are getting big. I'll be back in San Antonio for a couple of days this month. The 25th to the 1st so if you want to get together that would be fun. Take care!

karen said...

What a great job on the cake. So fun. Looks like the kids all had fun. I hope Tyson had a great birthday.