Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer time in Texas is quite warm to say the least! :) So that leads to lots of fun in the water for every occasion. This event was at our friend Maddison's 2nd birthday! Thanks for the great time!

This was Liv's fist time in a pool and she loved the water

It wore her out and was very ready for her nap.

This is the veggies that were waiting for us when we got back from our trips to MI and AR. That zuccinni was the size of my forearm!
This is Brian's new haircut he decided to give himself...... what do you think!?!?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alivia's 1st birthday

My baby girl has turned a year old already! I can't beleive how fast time flys. My parents were able to make it down for the event. We missed you Grandma and Grandpa Welch. Our friends the Lybberts have a little boy, Nathan, who is 5 days older than Alivia so Heidi and I decided to do a combined party. Here are some pics from the day.

Papa is trying to keep the gang happy while they waited for their friends to arrive.

This was my first "start tip" cake. I took three round cakes and pieced them together. I cut two of the circle for the ears smaller with "cookie cuttering" them with a small bowl. Then cut a little out of those so they would butt up against the large circle for the head. For the "black" ears I used chocolate frosting from a tub. For the face I used homemade butter cream tinted flesh color. The eyes are outlined in black Wilton tube frosting. Her tung and cheeks are Wilton's pink glitter gel. The bow I made out of ribbon I had here at the house.

Livy and Nathan opening their gift from their friends!

The cakes! Nathans daddy Blair decorated his Mickey cake and I did Liv's. Great job Blair!

Can we eat it yet?


Livy had lots of fun in her cake as you can see. So much so that she had to get a bath in the sink.

What is that?

Tyson was eating a favorite snack and he passed out watching a movie. I just had to capture this.

Alivia had a similar experience with a peep. How ever when she was done she wanted more, forget sleep!

Livy likes her treats. When Grandma Hackett was here she gave Liv this treat but she was so tired that she couldn't finish it at first ....

She gladly finish when she woke up.

Monday, April 13, 2009

He is risen

Easter morning!! I know that easter eggs and chocolate aren't the real reason for the season but as a Mom I LOVE putting stuff like this together. Target had a great deal on movies and so the boys both got one and a puzzle.
Tyson helped Livy dig through her basket for her big girl silverwear and her Abby Kadabby doll and socks.

Alivia and Brian are all dressed up sitting together after church. Tyson decided he wanted to sleep more than take pictures.

Livy enjoyed letting the wind catch all of her easter grass. The boys had a great time helping their sister with her first egg hunt.

Father son campout

The father and son campout was this weekend. Tyler was ready to take Brian with him but Brian didn't like the fact that Mommy wasn’t' coming too. Also Tyler didn't want to leave Tyson behind. So we had a little camp out in our backyard. Here I am cooking the traditional camp food.... Hot Dogs!

Tyler talking on the phone. I don't think he could survive without the internet or a phone. :)
The boys had fun running around the tent and throwing their footballs around.

Do you hear what I hear?

So Tyson has a heart murmur and we had to go have a bunch of test run to make sure that it wasn't going to effect his quality of life. So here are a few shot of our time at the office. He is doing fine and doesn't require any meds or any follow ups. YAY!!!

Alivia is saying hey boys where is my sucker!?

the rest is yet to come

I still have more to post but that will have to wait till tomorrow. Good night!

I love to see the temple....

So I've had to go to the bookstore twice last week and the boys HAD to get out and take a walk around the temple. Here are a few shots from the day.