Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Free Food!

So today at Denny's they were giving away free Grand Slam's for everyone so here are some cute pics from the day out.
Aren't my boys so handsome!?

This girl went at her Jr. Grand Slam! I wish I had got a pic with her and the sausage. She would not let go of it. When I tried to take it from her she threw a FIT! She at half of the sausage and 2 of her pancakes, now you know why she is such a big girl. :)

Here we all are! Beleive it or not we only waited 25 minutes before we sat down and the line was all the way across the parking lot. Fun times!


Michelle said...

Fun! I had no idea this was going on until last night when they mentioned it on the news!

acwilliams said...

Hey Sharon! I saw you had this blog on your facebook. Check ours out if you want at We tried to go to Denny's yesterday for that too but the line was waaay long. It looks like you guys had fun and are doing well!

karen said...

We had fun even if the kids were running and jumping all around. Great Company.